We are happy to introduce to you our physiotherapy services in the heart of Wesel. 

We are your professional contact when it come to different sorts of complaints with musculoskeletal system. We offer you an efficient, integral and individual therapy – as for example with back complaints, with collar-, hip- and knee joint problems, muscle injuries, postoperative conditions and postural disturbance.


  • Movement therapy

    Movement therapy is targeted at maintenance, restoration and improvement of physical performance.

  • Manual lymph drainage

    The gentle technique of skin displacement in manual lymph drainage is supposed to improve or restore your impaired lymph discharge.

  • Bobath physiotherapy

    Bobath physiotherapy is used to rehabilitate persons with diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) that are the cause of impaired movement, paralysis and spasticity.

  • Heat therapy

    We use heat therapy to support your treatment in physiotherapy, manual therapy or massages.

  • Medical massages

    Medical massage therapy helps loosen tense muscles and activate circulation as well as stimulating your metabolism.

  • Magnetic field therapy

    Magnetic field therapy can promote self-healing forces and positively influences circulation and cell metabolism.

  • Massage therapy

    Massage physically influences the skin, adhesive tissue and muscles by stretching, pulling or pressure stimulation with an effect on the entire person.

  • Physiotherapy

    With active and functional exercises, physiotherapy promotes mobility of muscles and joints to avoid stiffening and pain.

  • Traction treatment

    Traction treatment applies a carefully measured pull on the joints of the spine and extremities. This treatment will relieve painful nerve roots and the joints in the cervical and lumbar spine.

  • Cold therapy

    Cold therapy is used mostly in inflammatory processes, e.g. in inflammatory rheumatism and acute diseases that whose symptoms include local inflammation, rash and fever.

  • Electro stimulation TENS

    Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (=TENS) is used to treat pain and stimulate muscles. The target of this treatment is reducing or even preventing pain from being forwarded from the nerves to the brain.