“Beauty is a guest that is welcome anywhere,” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once wrote on his work Die Wahlverwandtschaften. No matter how different beauty ideals are in different cultures, most people do strive for beauty or are magically attracted to it.

We want you to feel beautiful. Therefore, your beauty is the focus of our actions. We offer diverse treatments from the area of aesthetic medicine in our anti-aging and beauty institute in Wesel, among them state-of-the-art laser treatment to remove benign skin changes and annoying hair growth, as well as treatment of non-hormone-related vaginal problems.

We look forward to your visit in our Anti-Aging and Beauty Institute in Wesel.



  • Back and neck massage

    A gentle massage and heat will alleviate your back and neck pain and improve your well-being.

  • Whole body massage

    The whole-body massage is based on promotion of circulation and the metabolism at the site of the massage and releases tension in the skin and muscles.

  • Aroma oil massage

    Essential oils have a disinfecting, antiseptic effect. They are used to relieve cramps, to help you relax and to stimulate the senses.

  • Hot stone massage

    Use of heated soapstone makes this special massage technique affect even the deeper body regions to stimulate circulation.

  • Hot chocolate massage

    For this massage, liquid warm chocolate will be poured on your skin and gently massaged in. Hot chocolate relaxes you and improves your skin’s appearance.

  • Lava shell massage

    Use of natural clams produces a deeply effective massage that contributes to relaxed muscles and, as a result, to general well-being.

  • Back and neck cupping

    Cupping is a skin-irritating treatment for circulation and metabolic disorders, muscle tension and hardening. This treatment is to affect the linked organs as well.

  • Coffee peeling massage

    Massaged in finely, the caffeine content and fine grains of coffee make it the ideal basis for a peeling treatment of orange skin.

  • Gold oil (24 Karat) massage

    Gold not only gives you a feeling of luxury, but also has a positive effect on body and spirit. Treat yourself to a luxurious break from everyday life and feel like a queen or king.